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The Unusual Compactness of Viral RNA

TitleThe Unusual Compactness of Viral RNA
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsGopal, A, Egecioglu, DE, Yoffe, AM, Ben-Shaul, A, Rao, ALN, Knobler, CM, Gelbart, WM
JournalBiophysical Journal

We present complementary experimental and computational studies of the relative sizes of equal-length long single-stranded (ss) RNA molecules. Comparison of viral, non-viral, coding and non-coding RNAs of length 2117 nucleotides (nt) shows viral RNA to have among the highest gel-mobilities and smallest hydrodynamic radii in solution. Using graph theoretical tools, we demonstrate that the measured sizes are correlated with the compactness of branching patterns in predicted secondary structure ensembles.

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